One number solution

So what's a 'One number solution'?

Our one number solution allows you to call and SMS text as your company's main number. This means that every user who has this enabled will appear as if they're calling out using your main business number instead of their personal number. 

Note: this only changes your appearance to external people. Internal communications will still appear as yourself. 


How do I access this feature? 

If you've been added to a Flow by your administrator then a new setting will appear in the Settings menu of your app. We call this 'Number appearance' and tapping on that will show you what options you have for setting your appearance to external people. 


Why do I see several options? 

If you're seeing many options it's because your administrator has added you to several different flows. This may be because you have several locations or multiple phone numbers for the same location. You should discuss with your team on which outgoing number you should use. 


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