Managing your profile

Tapping on your profile image from the home screen or in Settings will bring you to your own profile. From here you can hit the edit icon and quickly modify your display name, profile image and mobile number.



Available - Indicates you are Available to chat or receive calls.

Busy - Indicates you are Busy and not ready to chat or receive calls. However, you will still receive calls, chats, and chat notifications when your presence is set to Busy. Note that your presence automatically changes to Busy while you are on a call.

DND Enables DND (Do Not Disturb) to block all new voice calls to your apps and any linked desk phone. Existing ringing or connected calls are not affected. Callers hear a busy signal or are prompted to leave a voicemail. All other app features including personal chat, group chat, and chat notifications are not affected.


Your mobile number

Adding a mobile number is completely optional in Talkify. When you do add it, it will be available to everyone inside your company. You can remove your number at any point in time.

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