Understanding your invoice

Talkify invoices cover 4 key areas, charges, usage, taxes and payments. Invoices are accessible within the admin dashboard, under the Billing area at the bottom of the page. All invoices throughout the life of your service will be available here as PDF downloads.

While you may be subscribed to a yearly renewal cycle you can still receive monthly bills for international calling. If you aren't making international calls you'll only receive invoices when you add new services or on your renewal cycle.



This is a break down of all the services you've subscribed to, as well as a high level view of any usage charges. If you've added services mid month or mid cycle we will indicate the shortened service period.



Usage charges will apply to two things. The first is any international calling, any of these calls are subject to our per minute billing rates. In additional, if your usage extends beyond our fair use policy, there will be additional usage charges.



Phone service is a complicated landscape and the taxes reflect this. We breakdown is exactly where your taxes are going because of this. Every state, county, city, even portion of a city will have different tax rates.



If you've made any payments during this service period, we will indicate this at the bottom.

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