Managing your toll free number

If you're looking to add a toll free number for your business the process is exactly the same as adding a local number, we handle all number purchasing within Flows.

When you build a call flow, one of the first nodes is to select the number that you want associated with the flow. Within this node we offer you the ability to purchase additional numbers. Along the bottom we will let you know of the costs of your new number.

One thing to keep in mind with toll free numbers is that the costs are different when compared to a local number. With a toll free number we give you 250 minutes included but any additional minutes will be billed at a rate of $0.039/minute. Both outgoing and incoming minutes count towards this.

If you want to remove a number because it's no longer needed you can head over to Subscriptions where we will show you a list of numbers you own. Keep in mind that removing a number will also remove it from any Flow you've tied it to.

You can add as many numbers to a flow that you'd like. Learn more about Flows.

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