Cancel your service

We're sorry to see you leave! If there's anything we can do to help make things right, please get in touch at

Before you go:

The process to cancel your Talkify service is straightforward but please keep in mind a few things as we close your account with us:

  • You may still receive an invoice for any unpaid usage charges.
  • Cancellation is final and the Talkify local number will be disconnected immediately.
  • If you're certain that Talkify isn't for you but you want to keep your numbers, you will need to initiate a number transfer/port to your new provider before cancelling your service.


To cancel your service, log into the Talkify Dashboard and navigate to the Subscriptions area. In the bottom left section, click on 'Cancel all subscriptions' button and follow the confirmation steps.  You're all done.

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