Changing a user's direct number or extension

When you add any new user to your system, they will automatically be assigned an extension number. In addition, when you assign a subscription to a user they will also receive a local personal number.


What do I use the extension for?

Good question! Extensions really show their use when dealing with physical phones. Many phones don't have fancy touch screens and the only way for you to call another coworker or phone from a physical phone, is to dial by extension.


How do I change a user's personal number?

Users will be automatically assigned a personal number when their account is created. We use an algorithm to best match that number to existing company numbers but we know you may want to change things.

From the drop down, you will see Available numbers, New numbers and Refresh list.

Available numbers - these are numbers that have transferred over or are currently in the process of transferring over.

New numbers - these are brand new numbers which use our algorithm to best match your existing numbers

Refresh list - get a list of more new numbers so you can find the one you really want

No numbers available?

We know this isn't cool but unfortunately it can happen. Number providers actually run out of numbers from time to time and it can take a few days to get new numbers. If this happens, you can come back at any time and try again to find a new number.

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