Setting up your home screen

You can organize the Home screen on your Talkify apps to make it easier to communicate with your most important contacts. From the Home screen, you can add your favorite contacts as tiles, move or copy individual contact tiles into groups, move tiles to other areas of the home screen, and remove tiles. 






To organize your Home screen: 

  1. Touch and hold the Home screen until the + sign appears. 
  2. Do any of the following: 


Remove contacts via tapping the X icon 


Move any tile, touch and drag the tile to a different area of the home screen. 

Note: contacts can only be moved on individual pages. You'll need to remove it from one page to move it to another. 


Add tiles by tapping the + icon 


Create a group. We give you two different options for this. 


To delete a group, just open the group and tap the trash icon. 


Edit a group. Simply tap the group and you can rename it, delete it, add tiles or removes tiles. 


  1. Tap Save. 



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