How to use groups

The home screen on both our web and mobile apps offers you the ability to create and manage different groups.

When you create a group we give you 2 options.

  1. Duplicate contact to group - As it sounds we'll leave a copy of that tile on your home page and also put a copy of it inside this group.
  2. Move contact to group - This will simply move the tile to the group so it is no longer on the home screen.


So what can you do with groups?

Groups offer a great way to organize different types of tiles. You may want to group you NorthEast Sale Team, your Portland Suppliers, your Bakery Warehouse Devices, or more.

When you open a group we offer 2 quick calls to action. Call everyone or start a direct message with the group.

Call everyone – when you tap this button you will be initiating a conference call with all possible, callable, contacts. For other Talkify users we will call their app, for any external contacts we will dial the first listed number.

Message the group – Tapping this will start a direct message to all those contacts. If an external contact is present, we will send an SMS if a mobile number has been supplied. If not mobile is supplied, this contact will be ignored from direct message.


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