What are flows?

Flows are a powerful set of tools that let you customize and create experiences for your customers, clients and employees that are unique to your business

Flows work off a basic principle of setting a trigger and actions based on that trigger. 

The Talkify platform offers 3 different trigger options, Call, SMS and Social. Each of these triggers comes with a default template that you can fully customize, build upon or remove features. 


Call flows 

This flow type allows you to really control how an external call comes in to your company and how it can be routed to different people. Read more. 


SMS flows 

Have you ever wanted to let your customers or clients reach out to you via text? Well with the SMS flow, that's exactly what they can do. Read more. 


Social flows 

If you're tired or switching between apps, you can use Talkify to handle direct messages in a variety of social media platforms. Read more. 

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