Transferring your existing number

Transferring, or porting as some companies call it, is the process of moving your existing phone number from your old provider to your new provider. Make sure you do not cancel your old service before doing this!

Located at the bottom of the Talkify Dashboard, you'll be able to initiate your number transfer and see the status of any existing transfers. In order for us to request the transfer, you need to ensure that all information you provide is accurate and complete.

How long does a transfer take?

This is heavily dependant on your old provider because the transfer process is manual. While some can happen within hours, others can take weeks. Unfortunately, we're never provided with an exact date but we will update your transfer with all information that we know.

Submitted - this simply means we've sent all your information to your old provider

Received - they're manually confirmed they've received the information and it's all complete

Confirmed - this is your old provider telling us a specific date that they believe the transfer will happen at. It's not guaranteed, but a very good estimate.

Forward your number

While you wait on the transfer to happen there is another way to get up and running faster. You can forward your old number (the one you're trying to transfer) over to your temporary Talkify local number that you selected during Onboarding. This allows you to continue using the transferred number but on the Talkify platform.

Once the transfer happens, the transition is seamless and no work will need to be done. Every provider is a bit different, but here are a few helpful links to setup number forwarding with your old provider.






Ring Central






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