Great stuff available July 2019

We have been hard at work to deliver amazing new features and functionality to make your Talkify communication solution unique to your business. 

New flow actions, updated and improved user interface, admin dashboard enhancements and company billing information are available now.

Build a better Flow

  • Dial Menu action helps you easily direct your customers to the right place.  Find out more here.
  • Greetings for Flow actions.  You now have options to customize your greetings by recording new, selecting from an existing greeting, or creating a message that is played back using Text to Speech in your preferred voice type.
  • Undo now takes the worry out of messing up your new Flow.  You can undo up to the last six changes.
  • Auto-Save will immediately update any changes you've made to your Flow.
  • Validation checks will alert you to any unfinished configuration updates that are still required.
  • Business Node at the head of your Flow identifies company location and the ability to update the timezone used by the Business Hours action.  This node cannot be removed.

All things Admin

  • Billing details and information are now available from the Talkify Admin Dashboard. You have access to an overview of your upcoming bill, payment details and posted invoices related to your current subscription.
  • Subscription provides you with details about your current Talkify plan and the option to cancel.
  • Import Number allows you to start the process to transfer your current business number to the Talkify solution.  Find out more here.
  • Trials status will tell you how many days are left in your trial period.  Additional details are available from the alert message.
  • Feedback link to our Feature Request tracking site.  We want to know what features are missing to make Talkify the best solution for you!


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